Home based business opportunity with Avon ends having to punch the time clock!

up in the air Welcome!  Just like to shop my site?  Click here  But…..wait… When was the last time you got to do something spontaneous?  When you are your own boss, you have power.  YOU choose your own hours.  YOU choose the days you work.  Avon gives you the opportunity to have a Home Based Business Opportunity.  You choose to make money or not.  Being your own boss also motivates you to get out, meet people and enjoy life.  Let me help you change your life for the better.   No matter where you are in the Continental USA, you can become one of my Team Members.  Watch this fun video about being your own Boss!  It’s a BOSS LIFE!

 So……Do you want to become a Representative for Avon?  You can have a business right out of your home.  How nice is it to work from home and get to spend time with your family?  Finally, you can stop punching a clock, and listening to other people give you poor reviews for your hard work.  Become one of my Representatives!  I reward my Reps for doing well!  You will love being a MEYERSMAKEUPMAVEN!  So, as a leader, I am recruiting for my Avon Representative Team from these United States of America and you will get a special gift from me when you join my team.  You can pick from 3 different kits – 25.00, 50.00 or 100.00.  When you sign up, I will get a message from Avon and I will talk to you and send you a gift worth $35.00.




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