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Click the link to join my team. Come back later if you have any questions use the Contact Page or call me. Thank you for visiting our page.   Our Team Blog is  meyer2consult.blogspot.com   Every 2 weeks new Sales totals are posted and the winners receive prizes from me.  Have you always wanted to have a home based business?  It can be so helpful when raising children NOT to have to pay for daycare.  This job gave that to me when I was raising 5 children.  At 30,000 a year in child care that would have eaten most of my Administrative Assistant money in childcare.  With this job, I could take off and go to Disneyland with them whenever we wanted!  Have the life you always dreamed about.  Have the money you have been needing.  Enjoy your independence with an Avon badge on your heart.  Find an Avon Rep in your mind and then call me!  480 262 3525   I will help you sign up.

You can become an Avon Representative – it’s so much fun!  Watch this video:


One of the things I love about being a Rep is that my wardrobe, because I use it as a demonstration tool, as I wear and model the items, is tax deductible.  You can write off 1 of any item.  I make my calls and get as many orders as I possibly can, then I reward myself with a Demo Item from the Demo Book.  This is called the What’s New book.  So if we are ready to submit Campaign 2, you would be able to order demos from Campaign 4.   Check out what is available to you right now, at cut rate prices of (50% to 60% off) and is a tax deduction.  As a new Rep, you can order 1 of any item – as many as you are comfortably able to pay for.  We do not want you to go demo bankrupt !!!  It’s more important that you pay for your orders on time.

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