March 1 2023 to March 14

Start shopping for Halloween –

Noticed that we are also featuring Christmas in our books NOW – that’s a big secret!

IF you do your shopping now, there is no “on backorder”, “discontinued”, or “sorry SOLD OUT!”

Make sure if you see it, you should buy it in that catalog. New rules by Avon state that we can

no longer go back 3 catalogs. You can only buy something from the 21 catalog in those two weeks

that 21 is featured – then we move on!

This will occur in November – I want you to be getting excited about coming to my Boutique in December 16th of 2023

#23 will yield more Christmas gift bundles – as usual, if I have the bundle I will give you the price from that catalog. I also wrap the gifts with tissue paper and ribbons and a big bow – I can make you a card for any occasion.

Campaign 25 and 26 are closer to Christmas and Hanukkah is the 5th to the 15 I believe. I can do a beautiful gift basket in blue and silver if you like.


Do you want to become an Avon Rep? Go here to sign up for free then choose whatever kit you like.

Are you wanting to find out if you have what it takes to become

an Avon Rep!!!

STEP 1 – Browse these campaign”sites” above then jot down the item numbers! Text me your name and items and numbers and see if I have it in stock. If I do, you can have it the same day if you live in the Scottsdale Arizona area. Keep checking back – !

As the Holiday Catalogs become available to browse, they will turn on above. If they aren’t working, we just don’t have access to them yet. Just jot down what you like and call me with your card – If I have it in stock, you can have it the same day. If not, I’ll place an order and deliver it when it comes in. That easy! 480 262 3525