The nice thing about this business is that your Representative doesn’t really have to be NEAR you as long as you have access to her website.  Mine is  Many times you can have what you want in a matter of hours.

I carry a large inventory of goods and my turnover is high but I restock every two weeks.  I am sure that I have what you need.  If you come visit my store, you will get an extra gift in your bag.  Of course, I can deliver as well to Mesa, AZ.

You can visit anytime to see what the newest and best sales prices are.  Just know up front that dealing with me, I will always compare your item numbers with the last three catalogs to make sure you are getting the best price.  If you want to have the item shipped directly to you, I can show you how to do that – just call me and I’ll walk you through it.  Otherwise, if you are in a nearby town, just choose REPRESENTATIVE DELIVERY and I will bring it to you!    Mesa, AZ is very close to my home and easy for me to come train you or for you to come visit me and learn more about Selling and Servicing Avon Customers.   You can be the Rep that people want to find!  You can be the one;  they want to join your team!

Call me today – 480 262 3525

Using the find a representative, Avon locator, will give you great discounts!  On the home page of this site, I will always list the best coupons to save you the most.

Yes!  You can live anywhere in the Continental USA and be on my Avon team!

Looking for  Avon Customers and for my Avon Representative Team from these United States of America

 Any questions, text or call me right away.  


For people who live in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Phoenix

I need products right away

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