Gluten Free Avon Products

FROM AVON INFORMATION CENTER PRINT THIS OUT AND KEEP WITH YOU FOR REFERENCE!  As products become discontinued I will keep this updated for you to refer to.   I have grandchildren who are allergic to gluten and who are also children with celiac disease.  It’s a horrible thing to see them suffer, so Avon gave me …

How to order from a prior catalog from my website

Has this ever happened to you?  You open a book and find something you like only to find out that the catalog is too old.  Well maybe it ISN’T!!!  Try this – Go to my site 1) Click on the SHOP NOW BUTTON  2)  Click on the PRODUCT # BUTTON at the top right and then 3) when the window opens, check the pink arrow on the left to pull down the available catalogs it might be in.  You can enter the product number and find out which one is the best for you.  Don’t forget to use a AVON COUPON CODES – TRY THESE! code – found on my Blog



Good luck and Thank you for your business!  When your online order goes over $50-100 you will receive a special gift from me in the mail to show you how much I appreciate you!


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